The situation at the Zaporizhzhia NPP is dangerous: Russia continues nuclear terrorism – the consequences may be felt not only in Ukraine, but also beyond

All news/ 11.08.2022

For several months in a row, Russia has been threatening and terrorizing not only Ukraine. An accident at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant can be of such a scale that radiation will not just spread throughout our country, but also …


We demand recognize the Russian Federation as a nuclear terrorist

All news/ 25.04.2022

We, NGOs of Ukraine, appeal to:

United Nations

Government of the United States of America

European Commission

European Parliament

Council of Europe

International Atomic Energy Agency

Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

Organization for Security


SPKR plans to engage in survey of impact industrial enterprises on the air

Cooperation with authorities/ 26.06.2020

The meeting of the commission on state monitoring in the field of air protection in Kryvyi Rih was held under the motto “I hear / I do not hear”. In the literal sense of the word. The city executive committee …


SPKR convinced: The last unit of open-hearth furnace AMKR was closed

All news/ 11.06.2020

DSPA-6 “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” was finally closed. We can confidently say that, because today they have been persuaded by their own eyes.

At the request of “Stop poisoning Krivyi Rih” provide proof of complete and irreversible stop of the unit …


Register EIA: How to use

Eco education/ 11.06.2020

An important instrument to participate in the EIA procedures is the register of environmental impact assessment. On the resource published procedures ATS from across the country. We tell you how to use the service.

“Search by Registry” – The main …


SPKR asks for proof of closure of the steel unit (DSPA-6) on “Arcelor”

All news/ 11.06.2020

In late February, “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” said that the steelmaking unit of the open-hearth furnace (DSPA-6) stops. We have repeatedly written about the long history of this issue. The stopping of the furnace became one of the measures of the …


About unfinished procedures of EIA in Krivoy Rog

All news/ 02.06.2020

There are seven procedures of EIA planned activity in the Krivoy Rog, which hung in the air. Notice of commencement of procedures have been made public in the register year ago or more. However, there are no reports on EIA …


Citizens ‘ Rights in EIA procedure

Eco education/ 02.06.2020

Citizens can influence the decision to start a potentially hazardous environment during the EIA procedure.

The first thing to note is that anyone can do it. A company, public association or special education is not required to participate in the …


New concept of state monitoring of air quality was discussed

Cooperation with authorities/ 02.06.2020

Specialists “Stop Poisoning Krivoy Rog” joined the discussion of the new concept of state monitoring of air quality.

Anna Ambrosova took part in the online meeting “the concept of functioning and development of the system of State monitoring of ambient …


Stages of EIA procedure (infographics)

Eco education/ 02.06.2020

Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) is one of the powerful tools for public control in the sphere of ecology. During the validity of the EIA law in Krivoy Rog, the refusal received three projects and two more of the Ministry sent


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