About unfinished procedures of EIA in Krivoy Rog

All news / 02.06.2020

There are seven procedures of EIA planned activity in the Krivoy Rog, which hung in the air. Notice of commencement of procedures have been made public in the register year ago or more. However, there are no reports on EIA or letters about stopping the procedure from the enterprises.

Among these projects are the change of channel Inhulets in the career area of Inguletsky GZK, reconstruction of the blast-furnace plant #2, construction of a site for hydraulic press shears in the shop, reconstruction of the gas treatment units of the converter workshop, a complex of coke oven batteries #5,6 on “ArcelorMittal Kryvyj Rih”. And also – construction of a boiler house #3 and reconstruction of the forecourt “Krivyi Rih-Golovnyi”.

There are no information about what happened to the plans of enterprises and organizations. It is enough to labor the Krivoy Rog to follow these procedures and will tell you if will begin public discussions.

You can also follow the course of of each procedure in the Register of EIA. During quarantine it is forbidden to conduct public hearings and is not yet known how long the prohibition on mass measures will continue. But the opportunities for participation in public discussions have remained-you can send comments in written or electronic form. So keep track of the registry or our publications. Be careful.

Thus, on May 19, in the register of the EIA, we posted a report on the continuation of the production of rich iron ores in the field mine. Kirov (the field of mine named. Artem), the

Improvement Inhulets hydrological regime.

Reconstruction of complexes of the domain-name plant buildings “АMKР” #2

Construction of a platform with the construction of hydraulic press shears on the territory of “AMKR”

Reconstruction of gas treatment plants on converters # 1, 2, 3

Reconstruction of coke oven batteries complex # 5, 6

Reconstruction of the forecourt “Kryvyi Rih-Golovnyi

Construction of a new boiler house #3