New concept of state monitoring of air quality was discussed

Cooperation with authorities / 02.06.2020

Specialists “Stop Poisoning Krivoy Rog” joined the discussion of the new concept of state monitoring of air quality.

Anna Ambrosova took part in the online meeting “the concept of functioning and development of the system of State monitoring of ambient air quality”, organized by Minkoenergo.

Specialists of Ministry, center of Public Health, Donetsk OSA, institute. Marzeeva, SES, Ukrainian Research Institute of Ecological Problems (Kharkiv), representatives of public organizations that take part in the development of a network of public ecological monitoring of air quality, the experts discussed the current condition of the air monitoring system, legislative and regulatory framework. We considered European practice, analyzed the experience of monitoring the monitor in Krivoy Rog and Donetsk region.

There is an understanding: to develop the new system it is necessary to update legislation, modernize normative documents, withstand metrological requirements. Discussed the powers of State bodies, as well as the concept of system submission and information synthesis. Now Ukraine has no unified system of evaluation and analysis of data that various services receive. In addition, the existing system does not cause trust, does not provide an understanding of pollution in real time, which fails to act promptly.
All these are tasks for building the new system.

In addition, the participants of the discussion agreed that this should not be an observation for the sake of observation. The monitoring results should be taken into account and influenced by the decisions of the State authorities when issuing permits for pollutants and conclusions from EIA. Also, they should be a substantial basis studies on the dependence of population incidence from air pollution.

It continues to emphasize the openness of environmental information, and measurement results should be available to the public. All the attendees agreed that it was necessary to provide the monitoring results in the most accessible and convenient form for the population and predict air quality in the nearest perspective.

NGO representatives paid attention to the existing development of public air quality monitoring systems, which are currently more modern and provide real-time information.

The Ministry recognized the success of activists. Earlier, public authorities preferred to consider the public system “wrong”. Now, analyzing European experience, promised to consider in future documents and public monitoring systems and to pay attention to the results of their measurements.

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