SPKR asks for proof of closure of the steel unit (DSPA-6) on “Arcelor”

All news / 11.06.2020

In late February, “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” said that the steelmaking unit of the open-hearth furnace (DSPA-6) stops. We have repeatedly written about the long history of this issue. The stopping of the furnace became one of the measures of the city environmental program. And the “AMKR” announced its implementation.

In March, at a meeting of the Working Group on environmental Problems, the coalition “Stop Poisoning Krivyi Rih” proposed by representatives of “AMKR” invite the specialists of the City Executive Committee and the public to the workshop or to provide documentary evidence for the general audience on the complete output of the furnace operation How to prove that her work is not just suspended. Other participants of the working Group were supported by this idea: activists and city deputies. Representatives of the AMKR ignored these requests.

The open resources of the Krivyi Rih Executive committee or the “AMKR” also do not find official reports and confirmations about the complete suspension of the DSPA-6.

Stopping the steel furnace is also an indicator of the enterprise’s readiness to go towards the public, at least by slow steps. New management of plant declared openness and desire to work on new approaches.

We appeal to “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” and request to allow the Commission with representatives of the SPKR and other ecoactivists to the open-hearth furnace to demonstrate the full suspension of the DSPA-6. In parallel, prepared an official appeal to the company on this issue.

We want to see in our eyes the proof of full decommissioning of the aggregate and the rejoice in positive changes in the city.
Background: In 2016 the city’s public, including “Stop Poisoning Kryvyi Rih”, opposed the transfer of terms of the implementation of environmental commitments for the AICR. One of such obligations was the closure of the DSPA 6 and, consequently, the stop of the open-hearth shop. The activists organized the rally and made a collective appeal to environment and supported the deputies of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council. However, “Arcelor” allowed for the 2020 operation of open-hearth furnace.