Register EIA: How to use

Eco education / 11.06.2020

An important instrument to participate in the EIA procedures is the register of environmental impact assessment. On the resource published procedures ATS from across the country. We tell you how to use the service.

“Search by Registry” – The main form for finding the desired procedure.

It can be found by:
The name of the procedure
Name of the company
Date of the procedure commencement
Procedure number.

The easiest way is to choose the area at the venue of the planned activities.

In the card of separate procedure there is the name of activity and description of the planned activity, the specified place of proceeding, it is marked on the map.

The most interesting – the “uploaded documents” and “received documents” sections are at the bottom of the page, below the map.

The notification of the planned activity contains the basic information about the work.

Public comments and authorities to the planned activities and the volume of necessary research appear after the completion of the term to provide them.

Report on EIA is prepared by the enterprise. It is placed in the “uploaded documents” section. The legislation does not legislations period for the preparation of the report – this stage may take any time. There may also be a notice of termination of the procedure from the company.

In the same section, we are posting about the beginning of public discussion. It indicates the duration of discussions and the date and place of public hearings.

The “Received documents” publish the Protocol of public hearings and report on public discussion. These documents indicate answers to the public comments or explain reasons for their rejection. May also place video recording of public hearings.

In the same section, a conclusion is placed on the EIA, which indicates the conditions of the planned activity or the of substantiated refusal.

All documents are in the form of active links, when clicked, the full text is opened.

Test the Register – in previous we told which EIA procedures are now in Krivyi Rih.