SPKR plans to engage in survey of impact industrial enterprises on the air

Cooperation with authorities / 26.06.2020

The meeting of the commission on state monitoring in the field of air protection in Kryvyi Rih was held under the motto “I hear / I do not hear”. In the literal sense of the word. The city executive committee organized the selector via a landline or mobile phone – as a result, the participants missed the point, questioned each other and constantly lost contact.

Stop poisoning Kryvyi Rih is a member of the commission and joined the selector. We tell about what we managed to hear.

The executive committee planing an inspection of impact enterprises on the air. The public was promised to be involved in the process. We agreed to participate.

There is an initiative to include in the city system of Ecomonitoring the air quality monitoring posts of Shirokivskyi district, located in the zone of influence of “Inguletsky GOK”.

Representatives of enterprises reported about problems with monitoring posts. Someone’s gas analyzers don’t work because they haven’t high-grade. Measure the dust are being diagnosed. In others – posts are established, but, according to them, transfer incorrect data. There is a feeling that enterprises have not yet learned to plan work with equipment. After all, each device has its own service life depending on certain concentrations of pollutants. Therefore, the replacement of measuring elements and verification can and should be planned, including in terms of financial costs. But some companies do not have the funds for this this year. Did they count on resort conditions in Kryvyi Rih?

In general, it is not clear why the executive committee did not use modern, high-quality and reliable communication channels: such as Zoom platforms, messengers or the banal Skype. There were no scientists or deputies working in the profile group at the meeting.

We are waiting for an invitation to the survey and new discussions of the program. Hopefully next time it will be better.