Stages of EIA procedure (infographics)

Eco education / 02.06.2020

Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) is one of the powerful tools for public control in the sphere of ecology. During the validity of the EIA law in Krivoy Rog, the refusal received three projects and two more of the Ministry sent for repeated research. Fasting earlier, we talked about them in detail.

Now – a bit of visualization of the procedure itself.

Its main rules are defined in the law of Ukraine “About environmental impact assessment”. The company before the start of activities that can worsen the state of the environment must conduct a number of researches and provide a detailed report on the possible impact. On the basis of this information and public discussion, the profile State body (the Ministry of Energy and Environmental protection or the Regional State Administration Department) grants permission to do business or refuse it. The list of activities and objects that are subject to EIA is specified in part 2 of article 3 of the Law and in the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The procedure consists of several stages:

  • The company prepares messages about intention to carry out certain planned activities. It is published in the State Register of EIA, local MEDIA, on the message boards executive committees, village councils, district state administrations those settlements, where actually plan to conduct activities or which it will affect.
  • Making comments, proposals from the public and public authorities concerning the planned activities, the level of detail information in the report and depth of necessary research. This step lasts 20 days from the date of posting a message in the register of ATS.
  • Preparation of a report on EIA. Develops the company or hires for this specialists. The company must consider whether the proposals and public comments may reasonably be rejected. The report is published in the register and placed in places that are available to the public: in the buildings of the enterprise, Minkoenergo, RSA, local authorities. The document is open, except for information containing a trade secret (part 8 of article 4 of the Law “About EIA”). All wanting can read the report, make copies or photos.
  • Public discussion. Lasts for 25 – 35 days from the date of publication of the report. At least one public hearings must be appointed during this period. Each citizen can submit comments and comments to the state agency and the enterprise. They can be submitted in writing, electronically or express on public hearings. The residents may pay attention to flooding, landslides, contamination of water or air and other existing influence of the enterprise on the environment and its possible deterioration due to new activity. All public comments are obligatory for consideration. They may be accepted in whole or in part, rejected only for reasons of reason.
  • Conclusion from EIA provides the state body. Within 28 days from the date of completion of public discussion, it is published to the general community in the State Register on EIA. The document contains mandatory environmental conditions for the implementation of activities. Their state authority issuing, relying, including to public comments.

A positive conclusion entitles the company to receive other permits for the business. The state body can provide a negative conclusion, and therefore the company will not be able to carry out activities in the form in which offered. The company can oblige to pass the procedure again for elaboration and qualitative studying of environmental impact and preparation of report.

Comments and suggestions to the planned activities and discussion of the report are two stages that involve public participation in environmental decision-making processes.

We provide infographics for information visualization.