SPKR convinced: The last unit of open-hearth furnace AMKR was closed

All news / 11.06.2020

DSPA-6 “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” was finally closed. We can confidently say that, because today they have been persuaded by their own eyes.

At the request of “Stop poisoning Krivyi Rih” provide proof of complete and irreversible stop of the unit “AMKR” allowed representatives of our coalition to the open-hearth furnace.

Specialists of the SPKR convinced-the DSPA-6 at the liquidation stage. Dismantled equipment on the control panel, cut the cables, from the load cranes were lifted by electric motors. In this state, the shop is no longer able to run. Recovery is almost the construction of a new facility.

Dismantling of large equipment will conduct contractors. Already there is a bid decision on the parsing of one of the cranes. According to the head of the workshop, the process was halted due to quarantine. After the removal of restrictions, the company promised to force events.

The open-hearth way of steel production is outdated technology. DSPA-6 – The final unit of the open-hearth furnace was the source of excessive emissions, extremely harmful to the environment, so its stopping will positively affect the air condition in the city.

Engineers of the enterprise during our inspection told that “AMKR” cope with available capacities for the needs of production. Also, the promgiant is planning to construct new modern facilities. And thus it is modernized. According to the head of the workshop, 60% of the workers who worked here already employed. Others are now at the stage of translation.

According to the environmental program, the DSPA 6 had to be stopped back in 2016. But the AMKR repeatedly received the right to continue its exploitation, the last time – to 2020. The stop of this workshop DTKR considers and its victory. After all, it is with the requirement to prohibit the transfer of terms of environmental liabilities, including the stop of the DSPA 6, in 2016 the activity of the organization began. We were against and later hyphenations. And that’s what happened – Martin was completely stopped.

Representative of “Arselor” in a conversation with us said that the public pressure has played a serious role in the termination of the workshop this year.

On 28 May, we wrote an appeal to “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” to prevent representatives of our Organization and demonstrate the shop stop. And today, on June 4, the enterprise organized an excursion. We saw the dismantling with our own eyes.

This is an important event for the city, public and ecocommunity. We are sure that for the enterprise and its employees. So, we rejoice all together this wonderful victory!

The initial task of the SPKR is fulfilled. But we will continue to protect the environment and environmental rights of people.