About us

We, public organizations uniting different groups of Kryvyi Rih residents, are joining forces in the coalition “Stop poisoning Kryvyi Rih.”

Our goal is to achieve the maximum possible ecological quality of life in Kryvyi Rih while maintaining its status as a large industrial city.

We understand that this goal conflicts with the interests of large enterprises and, in part, their employees, the city’s residents. But we are convinced that clean air for our children is much more important. We are also convinced that with the right development strategy, constructive cooperation with the city authorities and close public scrutiny, our companies can really achieve the environmental standards of the civilized world without losing economic power.


We clearly state that our coalition:
– non-political – it is not a project of a party that is not created to promote political interests;
– non-profit – we categorically do not aim to obtain financial benefits from activities within the coalition, respect private property and do not seek to redistribute any assets in someone’s favor;
– not related to the government – we are categorically against the carpet agreements of big business with the government, which lead to the deterioration of the environmental situation, and will demand transparent actions and the rule of law.

The coalition plans to act peacefully, within the current legislation, and assures that it will adhere to the principles of equal distance from business and political structures.


Now the declaration has been signed by:

International Business Association

Odjednannya Vidpovidalnykh Gromadyan

PO “VOTG “Gromads’ka bezpeka”

PO “Osnovyi svidomosty”

CF “Shelter Plus”

DOO “GM”Opora”

VGO “Nacionalny coordinacyinyi comitet sprijannya protydji korupcii”

PO “Red Hub”

PO “Centr vijivannya ta specpidgotovky “Seal””

PO “Greenenergy”

PO “Skelelazy Kryvogo Rohy”

PA “Spilna meta”

PO “Pravo Ye”

PA “Stop Poisoning Kryvyi Rih”

PO “Centr socialnykh ta pravovykh iniciftyv”

VMO “Federation Extremalnykh vydyiv sportu Ukraine”

Vydokremlenyi pidrozdil PO “Vseukrainska spilka voiniv ATO” Kryvorizs’kogo rayonu

VGO “Vseukrayinska jinocha yevreys’ka organizacija “Priect Kesher”

PO “Rukh bez mej”


The declaration is open for signature by public and other non-profit organizations.