The “Sukha Balka” was obliged to undergo an additional procedure of EIA on the mining of new horizons

OVD / 02.06.2020

The “Sukha Balka” was obliged to undergo an additional procedure for assessing environmental impact on the mining of horizons 1500 and 1580 at the “Juvilejna” mine. Ministry relied on the conclusion to the public comments, first of all the SPKR, to report on EIA in the current procedure.

The company is obliged to carry out a full investigation in the procedure:

  • Influence of planned activity on surface and groundwater waters, including the gusts of pipelines of highly mineralized mine waters;
  • To determine the specific steps to reduce the negative impact on Ingulets and Saksahan;
  • To provide an alternative treatment plan with mine waters.

In the new procedure, the company should conduct seismic surveys in the zone of influence of mine and provide a set of measures to minimize such impact. And also – a detailed map with specified shifts zones and their distance from residential buildings. This will make it possible to understand how deepening of work would affect the surface and housing arrays. In addition, an investigation of the impact of the noise load in nearest residential housing.

The enterprise recommended to conduct a comprehensive study of atmospheric air based on public comments, explore the cumulative impact of all sources in the zone of influence of mine. On the “Sukha Balka” should develop compensation measures to reduce the negative impact on the quality of ambient air in the residential area and provide a plan for their implementation.

By the way, according to recent posts, “Sucha Balka” does not carry out the watering of streets and does not give any information about the intention to perform measures with dust suppression.

Do not there were the tar. For example, there is a feeling that the authors of the report do not understand what is the ecological network of Dnipropetrovsk region and are not familiar with the existing decisions of the Regional Council. In the EIA report, only a list of the natural-reserve fund objects was shown without protected areas and distances to them. At the hearings representatives of the SPKR drew attention to the failure to comply with the requirements of the law of Ukraine due to lack of research influence of the planned activity on ecological network objects. Minkoenergo rejected this remark, referring to the fact that “Sucha Balka” has provided answers to these questions. By the way, we did not wait letters with the answers to our questions during the hearings. Checked Mail again – unfortunately not. And what saw in the report on public discussions only confirmed preliminary conclusions. We demanded an impact assessment of ecological networks, some of which became part of the Emerald Network of Europe, but saw the digging of some textbooks about the nature of Dnepropetrovsk region in general.

A strange answer to the question of seismic control. It is simple and concise: “constantly”. Also, upon request to provide in the report from the EIA detailed maps of the existing and prospective zones shifts already in the report on public discussions we saw photos of parts of the large maps-schemes, from which nothing is unclear.

In general, Public participation gives its results. Another lack of a positive conclusion from the EIA after the poor-quality report of the company. We work further.

Report on public hearings. Conclusion from the EIA for “Sukha Balka”.

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