According to three procedures, the EIA in Krivoy Rog refused to a positive conclusion

OVD / 02.06.2020

According to three procedures of environmental impact assessment in Kryvyi Rih, enterprises have refused a positive conclusion. This happened due to imperfect or absent studies of the negative impact on air, water or soils. For reasons of lack of study of alternative – more environmentally friendly methods of work. After manipulation of numbers and data in reports. This means that the enterprises could not start a new activity, which could potentially worsen the state of the environment. Refusal became possible due to participation and public observation.

The specialists of “Stop Poisoning Krivoy Rog” took part in these procedures and insisted on preterm premature provision of positive opinion.

Thus, during the validity of the law of Ukraine “About environmental impact assessment” by Krivoy Rog we have three refusals to provide a conclusion with EIA (two procedures a year later were started re, one of them already has a positive conclusion), and two requirements for enterprises to undergo the procedure again.

They refused to provide a conclusion and, accordingly, in the permit for the activity of accumulation of mine waters in the pond-accumulation of beams Svystunova in 2018. Then “Kryvbaskshahtozakryttya” presented two schemes of this process, indicating the environmental impact only 50 meters around the pond. There were no studies in the EIA report about the impact on water quality in Inhulets, saline intrusion , waterlogging villages or a gust of pipelines, by which highly mineralized mine waters go. The company did not consider any alternative. To improve the schemes that have been investigated as part of the program to promote green modernization of the Ukrainian economy.

Also refused to receive procedures for two heating boilers.

Already in 2020, two more news were received.

“ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” has been repeatedly forced to re-assess the impact on the environment of building a new part of the tailing “Ob’ednane” “III map”. The report on the EIA had manipulations on the level of air pollution, the impact on soil fertility and the flooding of the closest settlements. The company must carry out detailed research and provide justified data on the impact of future construction. Also, the AMKR was obliged to develop a plan of compensatory measures for the territory’s landscaping.

“Sucha Balka” will conduct additional procedure of EIA of the planned activity on the disclosure of horizons 1500 and 1580 meters on the mine “Juvilejna”. The company prepared a poor-quality report, where it did not take into account the influence of seismic fluctuations for the next houses, air pollution, did not describe the influence of the active scheme of treatment of mine waters and did not develop its alternative variants. These studies will have to do extra. In addition, we must develop compensation measures.

Therefore, public control during the EIA procedure works. Even industrial giants are forced to heed our remarks and show the real impact on the environment from their activities and develop effective compensatory measures. It depends on whether the company will receive a permit for new activities, or still be forced to consider more environmental options for their work.

We remind you that the notification of the commencement of the EIA procedure and all information is published in the Unified State Register on the website of Minkoenergo. We tell about our comments and announce public hearings.

Join the control – it works.